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Why change to a Linux desktop?. Consulting for Linux desktop migration

Over the years the linux desktop has evolved from a hobbyist platform to a true competitor to Windows XP, Its feature rich platform brings many of the similar look and feel that users are used to in the Windows world. Linux is built around security and as such is less vulnerable to viruses and spyware. The linux desktop can be built around many popular Linux distributions such as Redhat, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu, It is a great alternative to windows in many situations such as:
  • Users that only need email, web browser and Office applications such as word and Excel
  • Users that do not use any windows proprietary applications
  • Users that primarily use remote desktop, citrix or terminal services for day to day activities
  • Businesses that want a secure and customizable multi user desktop environment

Linux Licensing vs Windows licensing

Lets look at the big picture, with a Windows desktop and applications businesses invest as much as 600+ dollars on software and licensing above the cost of hardware per user. With Linux the software is more then often free of charge.
  • Windows XP Professional - 200$
  • Microsoft Office Professional - 400$
  • Linux alternatives to XP Professional - 0$
  • Linux alternatives to Office Professional - 0$

Windows 2003 server domain compatible

Need to connect to a windows 2003 server share? no problem! here are some additional compatibilities Linux desktops have with Windows server domains:
  • Connects to Windows server shares (Share mapping)
  • Centralized authentication with Windows server NIS
  • Remote desktop clients for Citrix and Terminal services

Ultra secure with little or no viruses or spyware

Spyware and Viruses? Those annoying programs that can literrally kill the productivity of any desktop remain a Windows Only problem. In the Linux world spyware is virtually unheard of. Prominent anti-spyware developer Webroot says it has yet to detect a single Apple or Linux spyware app. In comparison, Webroot's Spy Sweeper software protects against 15,000 Windows threats (October 2004). Linux desktops are by nature more secure against remote threats such as Viruses and Spyware thus protecting your companies valuable information such as client contact information and confidential internal documents.

Windows desktop feel with KDE Desktop

With the evolution of the KDE desktop users will have little trouble getting used to the familiar look and feel of KDE. KDE or the K Desktop Environment, is a network transparent contemporary desktop environment for UNIX workstations. KDE seeks to fulfill the need for an easy to use desktop for UNIX workstations, similar to desktop environments found on Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Familiar Windows like applications

With the ever evolving world of Linux comes superior applications. These applications are designed to be a strong alternative to windows based applications and are built around the same look and feel and functionality.

Outlook replaced by Evolution

Evolution is a full email client suite that includes: Calendaring, Notes, Contact lists and many other common features you find in Microsoft Outlook and best of all the email is stored in a non proprietary format that can be exported to other email clients.

Office suite replaced by Openoffice

Open office is a well known Office replacement suite. Many business and corporate environments already use Openoffice in their Windows environment. The openoffice suite includes components such as Writer (word), Impress (Powerpoint), Calc (Excel) and Base (Microsoft Access).

Internet Explorer replaced by Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the award-winning web browser. As the main alternative to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox is faster, more secure and more customizable then Internet explorer.

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