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Linux email server support/consulting.

Email server consulting & support services by Linuxcare Vancouver

Linux email servers are stable, scalable and feature rich. Unlike Microsoft mail servers (exchange, Mail Enable, Kerio etc..) Linux mail servers such as Postfix and Sendmail are free software, features such as spam filtering, virus scanning are also free of licensing costs. It may surprise most people that Linux based mail servers already run a lot of the most high volume mail systems on the internet today. ISP's and Hosting companies often choose Linux as the primary mail server to host their clients due to the stability, features and scalability of the Linux mail server.

Linuxcare Canada services - Postfix, Sendmail & Qmail consulting

Linuxcare Canada consults on a wide range of popular Linux based mail servers, these include Postfix, Sendmail and Qmail. We can assist in the following areas:
  • Mail server setup and installation
  • Mail server design services
  • Custom configurations
  • Mail server performance tuning
  • Mail server security
  • Mail server troubleshooting

Spam & Virus filtering - Spamasassin, AmavisD & ClamAV consulting

Linux mail servers are robust with customizable features such as spam and virus filtering. These softwares are actively supported by the Linux community as well as corporate business.

AmavisD & Clam Anti-Virus

AmavisD is the new generation of Spam and Virus protection for Linux mail servers. This application rolls into a single package world class anti-spam and anti-virus. This feature can be integrated into many of the primary Linux mail servers such as Postfix, Sendmail and Qmail.


Spamasassin is the original and most powerful open source spam filtering software. This software has now become common place in most Linux mail servers because of the performance and its ability to virtually eliminate spam from your mailbox. Linuxcare can help you develop and integrate this spam solution and others into your Linux mail server.

MySQL & database authentication for multi-domain and large scale servers

For Email servers that have many domains and hundreds or thousands of users administrators need a scalable solution to manage both domains and users, this often involves authentication integrated with a database. This method is the ultimate in scalability and volume, Linuxcare Vancouver can help you integrate your mail server authentication with a database.

SMTP SSL authentication and Domain Keys

Better ways to keep your email secure.


We can help integrate SMTP SSL with your mail server for secure communications. Self generated SSL certificates or certificates from a certificate authority such as Thawt or Verisign.

Domain Keys to fight spam & domain spoofing

Domain Keys are an innovative e-mail authentication technology developed by Yahoo. It is designed to verify the DNS domain of an E-mail sender and the message integrity. Domain keys are not directly useful in spam filtering. However, widespread use of DomainKeys can prevent spammers from forging the source address of their messages, a technique they commonly employ today.

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