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Linux Samba file server SMB/NFS.

Network file servers & network print servers

Need a centralized place to store your companies files and don't want to put up with the headaches of Microsoft server licensing? If you are still depending on your local desktop to share files with the rest of your company it may be time to upgrade. File servers give you the storage space and redundancy to house your file securely and confidently.

Linux Samba file server with SMB and NFS

The Samba file server is a cross platform and client independent file sharing server. Any of the known recent operating systems can connect to the Samba file server without any major configurations. These operating systems include, Linux, Unix, Windows and MACOS. What can you use Samba for?

  • File server
  • Print server
  • Authentication NIS/SMB
  • Samba and LDAP

What can Samba do for you?

  • You can't afford a full-fledged Windows server, but you still need the functionality that one provides.
  • You want to provide a centralized area for user data or common files to be stored and backed up
  • You want to share printers with Windows and Linux clients
  • You have a mixed Windows and Linux environment
  • You want to integrate Windows and Linux authentication for your domain
  • You want a protocol that works with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX

Linux Samba servers integrate with Windows Active directory with NIS

The Samba file server integrates with windows workgroup and domains. It can act as a authentication server for all your Windows XP Professional desktops, it can also be connected to an Active directory server as the authentication server. If you need a file server, print server or a server to authenticate your users for file sharing then Samba is your best alternative to Windows.

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