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For Linux consulting services

Linux firewall & Linux security consulting.

Linux Firewall security service to support & protect your network

Security is the most important aspect for any organization, given today's open-communication networking and the need to share valuable business information. While tracking is one component of IT security, recognizing and protecting the network/servers/application against potential security threats to information and information systems, is also very critical. Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability are prime concerns for any organization who are using Information. Systems and security is not longer just an IT department concern area but encompasses the overall organization.

Linuxcare Canada can:
» Setup and configure your Linux firewall
» Manage your Linux firewall and security
» Help prevent security threats to your network
» Adjust IPTABLES and Firewall rules

Securing networks and providing peace of mind.

Linuxcare provides industry-relevant security services and solutions to address any aspect of your server and network environment. Linuxcare will help you assess, detect, protect, correct and recover from security exposures in your network and physical security environments. The security of your data and networks are critical to your companies integrity. With Linuxcare's security solutions you can rest assured that your networks and data are safe and secure.

¤Security audits
¤Firewall solutions
¤Intrusion detection systems
¤Network security
¤SPAM filtering
¤Virus protection
¤Linux firewalls and security

¤Data encryption
¤Monitoring systems
¤Network traffic monitoring
¤Detailed graphing
¤Linux Proxys

Linux Firewall support

Linuxcare specializes in supporting and configuring linux firewalls with IPTABLES (netfilter), NAT (Network Address Translation) and Squid proxy servers. Linuxcare also support Network intrusion systems such as Snort and Tripwire.

¤SQUID Proxy server
¤Snort Intrusion Detection

¤DHCP Server
¤VPN Server

Managed Firewalls

Linuxcare now manages your firewall, vpn and security. Linuxcare manages firewalls at your Office, Collocation and Datacenter.

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