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Linux LAN & Desktop support services.


Linux Managed LAN Support for Desktops, servers & networking

Linuxcare systems offers a full suite of end-to-end managed IT solutions, created to help you manage and sustain your IT infrastructure. Developed specifically for businesses that demand a stable structured environment, our services will free you to focus on running your business.

linux support cross Linux LAN Servers - Switch from Windows servers to Linux Servers
  • File Servers
  • Centeral Authentication Servers
  • Backup Servers
  • Internal Web servers and Application Servers
linux support cross Linux Business Desktops - Switch from Windows to Linux
  • Linux Desktop GUI Windows type environment
  • Faster then Windows Operating systems
  • Full suite of Office productivity tools
  • Microsoft Compatible Networking and File Sharing
  • Fully Customizable
linux support cross Remote Office access and Security
  • Virtual Private Network - VPN Server for secure encrypted remote access to the corperate network
  • Dail in through Telephone line access
linux support cross LAN Desktop Applications
  • Samba for Windows file sharing
  • Open Office multi-lingual office suite
    • Writer Word Processor (Similar to Microsoft Word)
    • Impress Presentation (Simlar to Power Point)
    • Math Mathimatical function creator
    • Draw Vector drawing tool
    • Spread Spread sheet (Similar to Excel)
    • Base Database (Similar to Access)
  • Evolution advanced Mail client (similar to Outlook)
  • Mozilla Firefox for web browsing
  • And Much Much More!

linux support cross Linuxcare Managed workplace puts your mind at ease and lets you concentrate on your business objectives.
linux penguin logo Linux saves your business on costly licensing and initial software costs.
linux penguin logo Most Linux products and services for the business environment can be integrated to function with Microsoft Windows environment.
linux penguin logo Linuxcare supports most major linux and unix distributions!

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