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Linux Managed Support Services for servers & networks

The experts at Netdigix are well trained to handle your managed Linux networking needs. Web servers and file servers alike require security monitoring, regular maintenance, and the support of a team that excels in managed Linux Networking. Rather than investing heavily in an inhouse IT staff, it may be more appropriate to rely on one of our managed Linux networking plans, which include remote access and onsite technicians. From implementing load balancing options, to the careful scrutiny of possible infringements in email delivery, Netdigix can handle every portion of your managed Linux networking requirements. Netdigix specializes in managed Linux networking, which means that your staff keeps working because we're keeping the equipment operating. Whether the situation is a network server, or a desktop workstation, or the routers and gateways in between, we are dedicated to the success of your digital equipment, and you are assured that our managed Linux networking program is making it happen.

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    Practical Managed Linux Services

    Linuxcare systems offers practical managed services to suit all your information technology requirments.

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  • small linux cross Linuxcare Managed services keeps your computer networks running smooth and secure.

    Linuxcare 24x7 365 support - This solution/service requires a Linuxcare 24x7 service contract.

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