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Linux server solutions for businesses and hosting companies

Linux servers have been a predominant force on the internet for many years. Since then Linux has also become a driving force for business applications and a heavy competitor to the Windows operating system. It has been developed to serve many of the same functions as a out-of-box Windows server at a significant cost savings on licensing. Linux servers can be used as:
  • File Servers for Windows and Linux clients
  • Domain authentication servers (similar to active directory authentication)
  • Web servers (Apache)
  • DNS Servers (BIND)
  • Mail Servers (Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, Exim)
  • Firewall/VPN Servers (IPTables, PPTP, IPSEC, OpenVPN)
  • Development & staging servers
  • Application Servers
Linux is a stable, optimized server platform that has been proven to outperform Microsoft servers in many areas. If you are upgrading or installing new servers in your business environment Linux is the optimal alternative to choosing Microsoft for both a cost savings and for performance, it can even be integrated into any Windows 2000 or 2003 server environment via NIS services for Unix.

Cost comparison Windows 2003 vs. Linux Centos

With Linux a small company can save a lot of operational budget just from Licensing fees. Here is a base comparison:
    Server operating system licence:
  • Windows server 2003 standard edition - 1000$
  • Centos 4.4 (similar to Redhat enterprise) - 0$
    User licenses:
  • Windows Server 2003 CALS (sold in packs of 5) - 900$
  • Linux Unlimited number of users - 0$
    Basic email server license:
  • Windows Exchange server 2003 standard edition - 1500$
  • Postfix MTA with Webmail - 0$

Linux servers take less resources vs. Windows servers and doesn't require constant reboots

The Linux operating system requires less resources to run, thus leaving you with more memory, Disk space and CPU power to run the applications and services you intended for the server.

Getting tired of always having to reboot your Windows server after a "critical update"? In most cases updates to Linux server software does not require a reboot at all and your applications and services can remain running without significant downtime of multiple reboots.

Linux consulting & support services

Linuxcare systems Canada provides a wide range of Linux server support and consulting services. We can help you setup servers for the web, file servers for your business. We can even design you custom servers for application and networking. Our systems and network engineers will help you in the design and implementation phases of your Linux server rollout, we can even provide training and a full suite of operational documentation. give us a call now to schedule a consultation with our Linux professionals.

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