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Linux Suppor for Servers.

Linuxcare Systems supports the following Linux distributions

redhat, suse, mandrake, debian, gentoo, bsd, sun, fedora, osx
Linux Distribution Versions Support Type
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Debian 3.0 Stable
Debian 3.0 Testing
Debian 3.0 Unstable
Debian 2.0
Server and Desktop
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Redhat 9.0
Redhat 8.0
Redhat 7.3
Redhat 7.2
Redhat 7.1
Redhat 7.0
Redhat 6.0
Server and Desktop
Redhat Enterprise
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Redhat Enterprise ES
Redhat Enterprise AS
All Versions Supported
Server and Desktop
Redhat Fedora
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Redhat Fedora Core 1
Redhat Fedora Core 2
Redhat Fedora Core 3
Server and Desktop
Centos Server
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CentOS 4.x
CentOS 3.x
All Versions Supported
Server and Desktop
Suse and Novell
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Suse Novell Version 9.3
Suse Novell Version 9.2
Suse Novell Version 9.1
Suse Novell Version 9.0
Server and Desktop
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Mandrake - Mandriva Version 10
Mandrake - Mandriva Version 9
Mandrake - Mandriva Version 8
Server and Desktop
Open BSD
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OpenBSD Version 3.7
OpenBSD Version 3.6
OpenBSD Version 3.5
OpenBSD Version 3.4
OpenBSD Version 3.3
Server and Desktop
Free BSD
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FreeBSD Version 5.3
FreeBSD Version 4.11
Server and Desktop
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Gentoo Version 1.4 Server and Desktop
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Knoppix V3.7 Server and Desktop
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Slackware 7.1 Slackware 7.0 Slackware 4.0 Server and Desktop
Ubuntu Ubuntu 5.x Server and Desktop

Benefits of Linux
Linux desktop
Linux server
Linux email server
Linux web server
Database consulting

Linux file server
Linux firewall
Linux routing
Linux VPN
Linux clustering

Linux maintenance
Linux troubleshooting
Linux security
Linux patching
Linux migration
Linux upgrade

Linux support
Linux consulting
Linux failover
Managed Linux
Linux installation

Linux Vancouver
Linux Canada
Linux Remote
Asterisk consulting
AmavisD consulting

Postfix consulting
LAMP server
Linux Virtualization
IMAP consulting
Bind consulting
Linux router

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